Patrizia Vitali

lives and works currently in Nairs

selected works 2014-2018


charcoal, snow, ski, body, hill

engadin, switzerland, 2018

Tid, Tied „Zeit“; Pl. Tiden, Tieden „Zeiten“

HD Video, 20 min

Pellworm 2016 / 2017

map of zurich

print and folding map

scan of the shoe soles after three weeks walking around in the city of zurich

Pavilleon, Zürich, 2016

gravity always wins

Flags, Handprinted letters

Kunstraum Toni Areal, Zürich, 2016

Every body persists in its state of being at rest or of moving uniformly straight forward,
except insofar as it is compelled to change its state by force impressed

gravity always wins


stones from different areas of the swiss mountains
elastic strap

Switzerland, 2016


popcorn, rubber band, nails, light, time

Zürich, 2017

interaction_or a dance with two strangers

HD Video, 20 min, chairs and body

Zürich, 2016

melting meeting (37 ° / 0°)

Video, HD, 13.40 min, Original Sound

Body, Snow

Switzerland 2016

How do I influence the process of the snow melting with my body? How is the time going by and what is the perception of time as part of this rhythm of nature. 

marginaler Einfluss

snow, body

Print, 30x40

Switzerland, 2016

law of motion

short time sculpture / photography

tire, bridge, snow

Switzerland, 2016

mind the gap

HD video, 1:28, loop, original sound

2015, Winterthur

journey to eve

HD video, 20:41, Original sound

Zürich-Florenz, 2013/2014

Road trip from Zurich to Florence to see the statue Eva from Bandinelli in the National Museum Bargello


patrizia vitali
herdernstrasse 74
8004 zürich

0041 (0)79 685 90 47